The Oliver Project

Brand Identity
When The Oliver Project approached us, they sought more than a logo or colour scheme – they craved a brand that would resonate deeply. We embarked on a journey to craft a meaningful identity that captured their mission as well as complimented their content.
A Meaningful Logo
The logo for The Oliver Project represents the convergence of three core ideas: the brain, the maze, and the speech mark. It is a visual embodiment of the podcast's mission to address mental health, acknowledge the struggles individuals face, and encourage open dialogue.
Versatile Application
The branding of The Oliver Project was crafted to be exceptionally versatile, accommodating various mediums including web browsers, video content, social media platforms, and print materials. It was essential to ensure that the brand's visual identity remained consistent and recognisable across these diverse channels.
An Engaging Brand
Every aspect of The Oliver Project's branding, from the logo to colour and font choice, was meticulously selected to align with the brand's theme and resonate with its target demographic.
Herbie Kinsey | CEO
The Oliver Project
The Oliver Project
We are immensely grateful to Kinsey Studio for their exceptional work on The Oliver Project's branding. They perfectly captured our vision, creating a logo and colour palette that beautifully represent our mission. The versatility of the design across various mediums is impressive, and the font choice perfectly complements our brand identity.
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