Brand Identity
ArtÓ, a visionary art gallery, entrusted us to bring their brand to life with an exceptional fusion of branding and UX/UI design. By seamlessly blending captivating aesthetics with intuitive functionality, we created an immersive digital experience that elevates the art appreciation journey.
A New Type Of Gallery
ArtÓ represents a new breed of art galleries, revolutionising the industry by owning all the artwork available for sale. To effectively convey their unique concept, we crafted an exceptional brand identity and website that seamlessly aligned with ArtÓ's vision whilst providing a beautiful platform to appreciate art.
A New Identity
Through a meticulous and iterative design process, we crafted a visual identity that embodied their vision of art as a transformative experience. The logo, with its harmonious blend of abstract nature and fluid lines, represents the dynamic journey of artistic expression whilst taking the form of the name ArtÓ.
Tasteful E-commerce
In curating the UX/UI process for ArtÓ's e-commerce platform, our focus was to enhance the art-buying experience. Our meticulous research and user-centred design approach allowed us to understand the needs and desires of art enthusiasts and produce a website that both exhibited and showcased the art.
Tony Finn | Art Gallery Owner
I couldn't be more thrilled with the brand and website services provided by Kinsey Studio for our art gallery. Their exceptional design skills and creative vision perfectly captured the essence of our gallery's identity.
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