Bad Ass Bullies Club

We were tasked with creating captivating illustrations that capture the essence of these unique digital collectibles. Fierce digital illustrations of bullies bring the collection to life, providing collectors with one-of-a-kind NFTs that showcase the power and personality of each bullie.
An NFT Collection
In the realm of Bad Ass Bullies Club's NFT project, we took on the challenge of illustrating the bullies and their multifaceted traits. Each trait required meticulous attention to detail so that they could be individually combined and layered in a candy-machine generator.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Forget the hassle of manually assembling traits. A candy machine system swiftly combines various traits to create unique and captivating NFTs. With just a spin, BACB were able to effortlessly explore a multitude of customised combinations, saving valuable time and effort.
Setting She Scene
In addition to the NFT traits, we also were instructed to bring the eerie universe and city to life through captivating illustrations. Our team meticulously crafted every detail, capturing the essence of this unique realm in order to set the perfect scene for the BABC characters to hail from.
Craig Thurlow | NFT Project Owner
Bad Ass Bullies Club
Bad Ass Bullies Club
We had an incredible experience working with Kinsey Studio for our NFT project, the Bad Ass Bullies Club. They provided exceptional design services, creating captivating NFT traits, illustrations and engaging editorial materials.
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