Headspace Create

Step into a world where mindfulness meets artistic expression with our animation for Headspace Create. This captivating project intertwines the transformative practices of mindful meditation and the therapeutic essence of art therapy.
Understanding Our Objective
Headspace Create chose us to animate their new project category where they saw to combine mindful meditation with the basic principles of art therapy. We knew in order to succeed we needed to establish a visual identity and character which fit in to the reputable and recognisable Headspace brand.
Developing A Character
In this project, through careful and mindful iteration, we crafted an animated character with dynamic attributes, enabling us to convey deep emotions and expressive movements through illustration and animation. Before we began developing the final animation, we made sure to perfect this character and its application.
Putting It All Together
Leveraging the client's storyboard, we brought their vision to life through captivating animations across various scenes, synchronised seamlessly with a compelling voice-over that explained and described the objectives of Headspace Create and their plans for the future.
Matt Frannklin | CEO
Quoting, invoicing, CRM, field service management, sales automation, all-in-one.
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