Casa, an independent streetwear store, approached us to curate their online E-commerce store, fusing style and functionality into a seamless shopping experience. Our task was to build a site that seamlessly integrated functionality while embodying their mission to offer luxury high-quality goods at accessible prices.
Understanding The Direction
Through close collaboration, we delved into understanding their demographic, ensuring our build aligned perfectly with their needs. By leveraging their existing designs, we crafted a visually captivating and user-centric online store that resonated with their audience, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.
Minimal UI, Maximum Product
Casa's minimalist designs allowed us to amplify the spotlight on their exceptional products. By keeping the visual elements clean, we created a seamless experience that directed all attention to their collection. This intentional design approach not only showcased the products but also optimised the user journey.
Full Autonomy
Empowering Casa with full autonomy over their online store, we seamlessly integrated a robust Content Management System (CMS). This allowed our client to effortlessly manage and update their product inventory, pricing, and promotions in real-time.
Roshan Takhar | Managing Director
The team at Kinsey Studio, were great start to finish. They showed patience and understanding throughout, nailing a killer design for our website, but also with a great user experience too. I would recommend Kinsey Studios to anyone looking to build their website!
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