Angels and Airwaves

As pioneers of alternative rock, Angels & Airwaves have entranced audiences worldwide with their captivating music and visionary artistry. When they sought a new website to amplify their digital presence, they turned to us.
A Methodical Approach
We faced the exciting challenge of strategically unveiling eight distinct content releases to their dedicated fanbase. With meticulous planning and a user-centred approach, we developed a smart drip-feeding strategy. By carefully curating the timing and sequencing of these releases, we created an immersive experience.
A Unique Display
We built 8 interactive segments forming a captivating circle surrounding the vibrant and animated Vivian artwork. Each segment represented a distinct release, inviting users to explore and engage with the band's creative world. Through the use of hover effects we were able to allow the user access to each segment.
Building Excitement
We strategically released one segment at a time, building excitement and engaging fans with exclusive content and immersive visuals. Each unveiling brought new dimensions to Angels & Airwaves' creative universe. By pacing the releases, we fostered intrigue and deeper exploration, leaving fans craving more.
Paris Bourke-White | YUP CEO
Angels and Airwaves
Angels and Airwaves
This website had some very complex animations & coding requirements which Alex seemed to apply with ease which only someone having years of expertise in their field could achieve.
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